Top 10 Best Running Playlists on Spotify

The 10 Best Running Playlists on Spotify

More and more people enjoy listening to playlists on Spotify while working out. It´s proven that listening to music while exercising or running, directly affects your performance and helps you stay motivated. Music can also reduce the risk of fatigue.  Spotify is one of the most popular digital music services today, used by thousands of […]

What time should you go to bed?

What time should you go to bed?

Are you sick of waking up feeling groggy every morning or are you running a marathon tomorrow? If you want to wake up rested, it actually does matter at what time you go to bed. You may assume that the longer you sleep the more alert you will be. But researchers have found the answer […]

How to find the best running shoes for you

How to find the best running shoes 2019

Running is a great form of exercise, just tie your shoes and take off! But it´s very important to make sure the running shoes are perfectly fitted for you. When looking for a new pair of running shoes, whether it is for the next marathon you are planning to run or for your local fun […]

To prevent runner’s knee, run on softer surfaces

Runner´s Knee: Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Runner´s knee – or Patellofemoral pain syndrome as it is called – is the most common running injury, accounting for roughly 20 percent of all running injuries. The symptom is pain below the patella (also known as the kneecap), which is generally mild first and is experienced only during exercise. But if it persists, the resulting […]