Add Event

Add event to Highlighted Races and Top Marathons 2018

If you want to sponsor and add an event to the section “Highlighted Races” on the front page, send us an e-mail with your contact information and the details of your race.

In the highlighted section on the front page and on the “Top Marathon 2018” page you get the opportunity to expose your race and event details to potential participants every month all over the world. You can attach information about the race, calendar details, highlight interesting things to know for first-time attendees and add links to your website and Facebook page.

Event details

Your name, email address and event details are required. We will then create a listing in the “Highlighted Races” section and let you know when it has been done.


To add an event to the front page and the “Highlighted Races” section cost USD$95 per calendar year. Prepayment is made by direct banking to our bank account.